Handmade Butterfly Embroidery Front Closure Wireless Bra

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Our Butterfly Embroidered Bra creates a sexy, stand outback which are perfect for backless tops or as standalone lingerie. The comfortable design allows it to be be used daily while still retaining a sultry aesthetic. Don't sacrifice your comfort for design! 

This Handmade Butterfly Embroidery Front Closure Wireless Bra is the Ideal Fashion Dressing for Ladies!

Designed for Perfect Figure Shapes, this bra has Double-layer molded Wireless Cup with Excellent Support & All-day Comfort for a Flawless under clothes

The Handmade Embroidered Butterfly Greatly Enhances the Attractiveness and Charm of You and Your Wear!



  • Fully supports breasts
  • Super Glam Hand Sewn Butterfly at the back
  • Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging
  • Cups with Depths to Prevent Spillage
  • Smooths out Bra Bulges & Bra Lines
  • Wireless ultra-comfortable wearing
  • Air-permeable fabric & hollow design
  • Reduces sweating & boob rashes


Handmade Butterfly Embroidery Front Closure Seamless Bra X 1