Ultra-Sonic Cordless Electric Knife

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Slice, and chop in seconds! This Easy Cut Cordless Knife has a durable, high-powered motor with long-lasting stainless steel blades that will make your kitchen life easier.

It is lightweight, yet it can cut through the toughest meats, fruits or veggies. And for delicate foods, it will just glide gently through without any squishing or tearing it.

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CUTS FOOD IN SECONDS — Portable and lightweight for precision cutting, the Electric Cordless Knife is cordless so you can take it anywhere. It slices through the toughest meats, fruits or vegetables, while is glides gently through delicate foods.

PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT — The ultimate portable, cordless and multi-purpose kitchen knife that can perfectly slice, dice, chop, cut, cube and filet foods in just seconds.

SONIC CUT® TECHNOLOGY — Powerful motor generates up to 2,000 blade strokes per minute, letting the precision blades do all the work for you.

PERFECT CUTS EVERY TIME — This amazing Electric Cordless Knife cuts easily and evenly every single time. it will slice delicate foods with perfect precision and cut through the toughest foods without any pressure needed.